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Monitor people entering and leaving at all times
Keep track of your stock & business assets
Highlight areas customers are more likely to visit
Retail security solutions
Helping to protect your stock & business assets
"Using our knowledge and understanding to provide you with the peace of mind your business is protected."
Having the correct security procedures in place will deter criminals away from your building but what should you do if you don't have anything in place?

Working throughout the Birmingham area, we at Britannic Security are specialists in retail security and can put together a proposal to identify what areas of your business are lacking in security and what we can do to ensure your business is protected.
Why choose Britannic Security?
Retail Security Birmingham NSI Gold approved security company
Retail Security Birmingham 24/7 peace of mind
Retail Security Birmingham Using leading security technologies
Retail Security Birmingham Over 27 years experience in the industry
Retail Security Birmingham
Retail Security Birmingham
We offer a wide range of Business Intelligence solutions
Retail CCTV Birmingham
Retail Security Birmingham
Gain a deeper insight into how your business operates & performs
Working with Hikvision Smart IP cameras, we can work with you to expand your CCTV systems to much more than just surveillance. With our help you can collect customer data, people-count, improve your marketing and help schedule personnel.
Retail CCTV Birmingham Collect customer data
Retail CCTV Birmingham People counting on entrances
Retail CCTV Birmingham Automated numberplate capture
Retail Security Birmingham Facial recognition software
Business Intelligence Software
Retail Security Birmingham
Retail Security Birmingham
Gain the upper hand on crime, vandalism and employee theft
Together we can tackle the challenges you face head-on, identifying weaknesses in your current security measures and upgrading your systems with a combination of electronic intelligence and physical presence. As an end result, we can look to deter thieves, reduce loss of stock, protect staff and keep your business running as strong as ever before.
Retail Security Birmingham 24/7 monitored CCTV systems
Retail Security Birmingham Reliable, proven alarms
Retail Security Birmingham Cutting edge retail intelligence
Speak to our expert team
Retail Security Birmingham
Calculate business conversion rate & performance
Not only can your security system protect your business but can also be used to help calculate your businesses performance as well as conversion rates.

Incorporated with CCTV, people counting is the perfect solution to see how many people are entering and leaving your building at any time. If you have more than one entrance to your business people counting will allow you to work out where is the best place to place
particular items in order to increase sales. This here can also be incorporated with heat mapping technology to allow you to see what areas visitors are viewing in your shop.

For more information about the security services that we specialise in across the Birmingham area, please get in touch with our team today who will happily assist you in your enquiry.
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