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From a wealth of industry knowledge
Utilise CCTV video analytics
to gain a deeper insight
into your business...
CCTV Birmingham
CCTV Birmingham
Business Intelligence
Proven and trusted CCTV solutions for businesses across Birmingham, Solihull and the West Midlands
Maximise business efficiency and intelligence with your CCTV system
By working with Global leaders Hikvision, Britannic can work with you to bring more than just a surveillance system to your stores. Business Intelligence allows you to utilise cutting edge HD surveillance to collect customer data, generate distribution reports, improve personnel scheduling and even effectively enhance your marketing.
CCTV Birmingham Utilise cutting edge CCTV
CCTV Birmingham Collect customer data
CCTV Birmingham Generate business insight reports
CCTV Birmingham
Want to know more of the benefits of deep learning for your business? Get in touch with our Bimingham based team today.
CCTV Birmingham
How business
In three simple stages...
CCTV Birmingham
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We're Hikvision Platinum Partners
CCTV Birmingham
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CCTV Birmingham
Stage 1
Introducing Smart IP surveillance cameras and DVRs
We can specify the very latest technology from global leaders, Hikvision. These Smart IP systems come built-in with everything you need to get started with video analytics, allowing you to access features such as people counting, region entering, object removing and even vehicle number plate recognition.
CCTV Systems Birmingham
Stage 2
Capture business insights through versatile IP solutions
Collect data straight from the source and begin to process or schedule reports. We help you to set up a flexible and high performance network to record surveillance as well as inisights gathered by your Smart IP cameras. Here we can pair your cameras with a Smart NVR.
CCTV Systems Birmingham
Stage 3
Better business decision making
Video analytics and business insights ultimately help you to make better decisions through more reliable information. From a marketing standpoint, you can analyse how your business performs and make changes based on heat maps or footfall counters.
CCTV Systems Birmingham
Identify your marketing potential with insight heat maps, indicating which areas of your store engage customers
Gain insight into your business operation and customer behaviour
Strategically positioned cameras enable you to collect invaluable customer data that can hold the answers to your marketing decisions.

Gain insights into:
Video Analytics Birmingham Customer traffic compared among chain stores
Video Analytics Birmingham Customer flow and trends across a week
CCTV Systems Birmingham In-store conversion rates
CCTV Systems Birmingham Heat maps to identify critical regions in-store
Simply choose which insights you require for your business
Get the best out of your surveillance and the ever-growing capabilities of video analytics
CCTV Systems Birmingham
CCTV Birmingham
People & Object Counting
Automatically count the number of people entering and exiting your property. A perfect solution for shops and retail businesses which can provide insights into which hours of the day are the busiest, or even which entrance of your store is used the most.
CCTV Birmingham
CCTV Birmingham
Numberplate Recognition
Capture vehicle numberplates and store details with audit trails, perfect for distribution centres and warehouses. Numberplates can even be cross-referenced with a database to allow or restrict access through an automated gate or vehicle barrier.
Birmingham CCTV
Video Analytics Birmingham
Facial Recognition
With facial recognition setup, your cameras can accurately detect human faces and capture facial images to be stored on a database. We can even tailor your CCTV system to detect barred customers and trigger an alarm once they enter the property.
Birmingham CCTV
Video Analytics Birmingham
Customer Heat Mapping
Heat mapping records frequently visited areas of your property to highlight which areas customers are more likely to visit, as well where they are likely to hover. This technology is perfect for retail to help business identify popular mechandise or where to place products.
Getting started is simple
We'll arrange a free site survey to truly understand your requirements - we may even be able to use your existing CCTV infrastructure to save on installation costs!
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