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Burglar Alarms Birmingham Deploy a proven Britannic home alarm system to watch over your property
Home Security Birmingham
Home Security Birmingham
Home Security Birmingham
Birmingham Home Security
Home Alarms Birmingham
Home Alarms Birmingham
"A burglary occurs every 40 seconds in the UK - don't wait until its too late to protect your home and deter intruders. Don't become a statistic, speak with our experts today."
Don't wait for a break-in to happen.
Prevent an intruder from choosing your home.
"Britannic have been securing homes since 1990"
A burglar will find any opportunity to find a way into your home, whether its through an unlocked window or by force. We can install proven deterrents that ensure your home is not a target and your family and possessions stay safe. If you have a query regarding your home, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.
Don't become a crime statistic.
Secure your home in three simple steps.
Home Security Birmingham Seek advice from our experienced team
  We have been established security professionals for over 28 years.
Home Security Birmingham We will conduct a home security survey
  We leave no stone unturned when it comes to your home security.
Home Security Birmingham We'll install a proven security system
  Our home security systems have proven time & time again to be vital security assets for your home.
Home Security Birmingham
Home Alarms Birmingham We offer proven solutions for homes of all sizes.
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Protect your home with Britannic
"We offer a wide range of systems to choose from"
Home Security Birmingham
Home Security Birmingham
Intruder Alarms
With the installation of a home alarm system, you
can be up to 80% safer in your property.
Home Security Birmingham Police response services
  With police response, we watch over your property. When an alarm triggers, detections are verified and the Police are alerted to attend your property.
Home Security Birmingham Deters crime away from your home
  Our bellboxes demonstrate your home is protected by a local, reputable name in home security. Over 90% of convicted burglars will avoid a property with the installation of a home alarm.
  View our wireless alarm package
Home Security Birmingham
Home Alarms
Fire risk at home
Fire causes damage to thousands of homes every year. Our fire detectors keep you informed and your family safe from fire risk.
Home Security Birmingham Peace of mind your family are safe
  With a home fire system in place you can have the peace of mind your family are safe and secure from the threat of fire.
Home Security Birmingham Stay informed and alert
  Our fire detectors can be set to notify you, your keyholders or the emergency services.
Home Security Birmingham Tied-in with your home alarm
  Our fire systems are installed to the highest standards and tied-in with your home alarm system for ease of use and protection.
Home Security Birmingham
Home Security Birmingham
Our home CCTV cameras allow you to watch over your property and loved ones on-the-go.
Home Security Birmingham Keep an eye on your family
  Our home CCTV systems allow you to see if your family are home safe and sound.
Home Security Birmingham Take control via your smart phone
  Control, manage and view live CCTV feeds from your smartphone wherever you are in the world. Keep track of what matters most to you.
Home Security Birmingham Stop criminals in their path
  Just the presence of a CCTV system alone can be enough to stop a criminal in their tracks.
Home Security Birmingham
Birmingham Home Alarms
Door entry systems
Our access control systems place you in firm control of who has access to your property, we can even
help you control driveway gates via intercom.
Home Security Birmingham Reliable access control systems
  We install door entry systems that are reliable and put you in firm control of access to and from your home.
Home Security Birmingham Stop un-authorised access
  Working in conjunction with a physical security present such as driveway gates, access control deters opportunists & prevents un-authorised access.
Home Security Birmingham Professional installations
  Our engineers make sure that every access control system is installed to the highest NSI Gold and British Standards.
We offer security that works seamlessly with your home
Explore the many uses for Home CCTV
Discover the endless possibilities
of a home CCTV system
Protect what is most valuable to you. Home CCTV can be deployed in your home, in your garden, in your garage, on your driveway and even watching over your pets.
Professional alarm monitoring has a 99% success rate
Explore why alarm monitoring is the way forward
Deploy alarm monitoring & never be ignored at your time of need
Under alarm monitoring your property will be met with a dedicated police response every time no matter the time or day such as in this video.
Speak with our experts today about how we can protect your home
We offer free, friendly advice
Our team possess the knowledge & understanding to assist you in your enquiry and ensure all of your security requirements are met to the highest of British Standards.

If you would like to know more information about our services, and where we operate throughout the Midlands area, please get in touch today and our team will happily assist you.
Call us today
Get in touch today with our team to find out more about our home security services.
Home Security Birmingham
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Home Security Birmingham
Commercial CCTV Birmingham
Home Alarms Birmingham We design a home security system that eliminates weakspots and provides complete peace of mind
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