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Thermal CCTV systems
Cut the cost of multiple cameras with the installation
of a thermal CCTV system
CCTV Installers Birmingham
Thermal CCTV systems are becoming a popular addition to security systems
In extremely low light and harsh weather conditions some CCTV system will find it difficult to capture footage but not thermal CCTV. By detecting thermal energy, these cameras will cut through the darkness providing you with unrivalled detection.

Thermal CCTV systems can often have the capability to out perform two or more standards CCTV systems, allowing you to save money on installation costs and cabling. One thermal camera can see much further and detect intruders with unrivalled precision.
Where can this be applied?
This technology is ideally suited for scrap yards, food manufacturing and factories
Speak to our engineers for more information about thermal CCTV and where it is best suited.
Thermal CCTV Birmingham
Looking for thermal CCTV?
Here at Britannic Fire & Security we have a wealth of experience in the installation of thermal CCTV systems within a wide variety of different applications and industries. Speak to our team to learn more about our 'ready-to-go' solutions.
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Thermal CCTV Birmingham
We are an accredited Hikvision platinum partner
We have been recognised by CCTV giants Hikvision for our attention to detail when installing their systems.
What are the benefits of thermal CCTV?
Thermal CCTV Birmingham
Greater range
Thermal CCTV systems do not rely on IR LEDs. This here means that it can detect objects at a greater distance.
Thermal CCTV Birmingham
Detect in total darkness
For night time surveillance, thermal CCTV is by far the best solution because of its ability to detect movement.
Thermal CCTV Birmingham
Our thermal CCTV systems can easily be expanded as well as integrated with your existing system
Thermal CCTV Birmingham
Save you money
Thermal CCTV can do the job of multiple systems saving you money on equipment and on the install.
Speak to our team about thermal CCTV today
phone Discuss your requirements, call 0121 314 8667
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Learn more about thermal CCTV and the benefits of it today Contact our experts
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