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You could be 80% safer with an alarm installed
Burglar Alarms Birmingham Deploy a proven Britannic alarm system to watch over your property
Wireless Alarms Birmingham
Peace of mind wherever you are with app control
Burglar Alarms Birmingham Arm, disarm and control your alarm from anywhere in the world, at anytime
Alarms Birmingham
Commercial-grade security, designed for the home
Burglar Alarms Birmingham Deploy a proven Britannic alarm system to watch over your property
Wireless Alarms Birmingham
"Demonstrate your home is protected by the experts with a local, established name in security. Our alarm is a commercial-grade system, built to be reliable and efficient, yet easy to use. Perfect for home owners and business owners alike."
When you're away from your property, your Britannic alarm is your guardian, keeping your hard-earned investments safe from intrusion or burglary.
Wireless Alarm Package
Enjoy peace of mind for your home and family
Wireless Alarms Birmingham
Smartphone Control
Optional - Control your alarm from your smart phone with wifi.
Wireless Alarms Birmingham
Perimeter Detection
Includes 2 standard door/window sensors to detect forced entry
Alarms Birmingham
Internal PIR Detectors
2 Dual technology movement sensors
and 2 Quad infra-red sensors
Alarms Birmingham
Siren & Strobe Light
External wireless siren with working warning led and flashing Strobe light
Alarms Birmingham
Deter Intruders
One decoy external siren included to act as a further deterrent
Intruder Alarms Birmingham
Easy-to-use Keyfobs
5 system control proximity fobs included for quick arm/disarm
Alarms Birmingham
Outbuilding Protection
Add detectors and our system is perfect for protecting outbuildings/garages.
Wireless Alarms Birmingham
Link to IP CCTV
Link to an IP CCTV system and view live video/audio on your smartphone.
Wireless Alarms Birmingham
Wireless Alarms Birmingham
Smartphone Control
Be informed when your alarm is activated direct to your phone, know when somebody comes home and turns the alarm off, you can be in complete control. Our intelligent apps allow to arm/disarm and manage your alarm on the move for complete peace of mind.
Alarms Birmingham Arm and disarm your alarm from anywhere
Intruder Alarms Birmingham Control your security on the move
Alarms Birmingham
A Proven Deterrent
Your wireless alarm is designed to not only detect intruders, but also deter criminals from targeting your home. Our Britannic-branded external siren stands as the guardian looking over your property night and day - warning off intruders and opportunists.
Wireless Alarms Birmingham You could be 80% safer with an alarm
Alarms Birmingham Includes decoy bell box for full coverage
Birmingham Wireless Alarms
Police Response Ready
Unlike most alarm packages, our system is a commercial grade intruder alarm and has the potential to be 'Police Response Ready' if the appropriate signalling device is added. In the event of a trigger, your alarm is verified by professionals before Police attend your property.
Wireless Alarms Birmingham 'Commercial Grade' alarm system
Alarms Birmingham Potential to be upgraded to Police response
Wireless Alarms Birmingham
Intruder Detection
Our wireless alarm comes with two forms of detection, both PIR detectors as well as door/window sensors. Working together, these detectors maintain a strong perimeter and are designed to detect intruders whilst minimising false alarms.
Burglar Alarms Birmingham Detect forced entry through windows or doors
Birmingham Burglar Alarms Pet-friendly PIR detectors available
Wireless Alarms Birmingham
Extremely easy-to-use
Our alarm systems are hand-picked for their reliability and ease of use. With five proximity fobs included with your alarm, you can arm and disarm your alarm easily without hassle. We'll even demonstrate the system to you after installation and answer any concerns.
Wireless Alarms Birmingham Our easiest to use burglar alarm yet!
Wireless Alarms Birmingham Hassle free proximity fobs unset your alarm
Wireless Alarms Birmingham
12 Hour Standby Power
In the event of a power cut, or if your mains power is tampered with, our alarm system kicks in to action with a built-in 12 hour auxiliary standby power. This allows your property to be fully protected even during the most unfortunate of events.
Wireless Alarms Birmingham Protected even during a power cut
Alarms Birmingham 12 hour auxiliary standby power built-in
What do you receive?
NSI Certified starter kit from Britannic Security
  1x Wireless system control keypad
  2x Dual technology movement sensors
  2x Quad infra red movement sensors
  2x Standard door/window sensors
  1x External wireless siren with warning led
and strobe light
  1x Decoy external siren
  5x System control proximity fobs
  NSI gold certificate of compliance
Wireless Alarms Birmingham
Our NSI certified wireless alarm package
Our starter package is not just a 'domestic only' alarm like many others on the market. We offer a commercial-grade alarm system, feature-packed and ideal for homes or small businesses.
starting from: £680+VAT
CCTV Coventry
We'll watch over your security system for years to come
Choosing a reputable security company for your alarm system is as important as the alarm itself. We're proud to represent a Gold class of service, accredited by leading industry inspectorate NSI. We can offer maintenance to ensure your security system continues to perform to the very same high levels as day one.
Speak to the experts about our wireless alarm package
phone Discuss your requirements, call 0121 314 8667
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